Awards and Recognition in Oconto County 4-H

 Achievement in Oconto County 4-H

We are proud of the accomplishments of our 4-H youth in Oconto County, whether it is an individual who has made strides in their project work, or a group of youth working together toward a common goal. We take time each year with a 4-H community banquet to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year, and to recognize the leaders, both youth and adult, who have encouraged us.

Member Recognition:

Club Recognition

  • June Dairy Month
  • Community Service Scrapbook

Oconto County Fair Events

  • Billboard Contest
  • Booth Contest
  • Flower Planter Contest

Leader Recognition
4-H Leaders are recognized for their service with Leader Pins at the end of their first year of service, and at each five year anniversary.

  • Year pins

Achievement Banquet

  • The Oconto County Achievement Banquet is held annually in November or December.  Awards and recognition from the previous year are given out at the Banquet, including project pins, year pins, Path to Success certificates, Leader pins, and much more!

Awards and Recognition Information

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