Well Water Testing

UW-Extension recommends that well owners sample their well at least once per year, at a different time of the year.

You can have your water tested through:

* UW-Extension Lab in Stevens Point
Oconto County UW-Extension has the test kits available for your convenience.  Please call 920-834-6845 for additional information.  (Office hours:  8:00-4:00, Monday-Friday)

There is a $3 charge when you pick-up the sampling bottle.  The $3 is then subtracted from the total cost of testing.

Information Sheet – Obtain and mail the sample on a Monday afternoon.  A copy of the information sheet and instructions will be given to you with sampling bottle.

The “Homeowner Package” includes the recommended tests and costs $51 ($49 after the $3 bottle fee).  A copy of the price list will be given to you with sampling bottle.

* Oconto County Public Health (Office hours:  8:00-4:00, Monday-Friday)
Oconto County Public Health offers FREE test kits to those who are eligible.  Visit their website for complete information.

* State Lab of Hygiene or other private laboratories in the area.

Watch a 3-minute video from WDNR on how to take a well water sample.

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