Financial Education

Rent Smart is designed to help those individuals who have little to no rental experience and those having difficulty obtaining rental housing. Emphasis is on forming a strong partnership between tenant and landlord. Rent Smart starts participants on the path to renting success.

Small Savings Build Big Dreams is a campaign led by Extension county educators to promote the benefits of saving for college, answer common questions about saving for higher education, and provide information about how you can get started.

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Create a Spending Plan is putting your financial goals in writing and will make them seem more concrete and achievable. The Creating a Spending Plan Workshop teaches basic money management, decision making, and ways to organize personal finances. Consumers who improve their household credit management to enhance financial security will benefit their communities by boosting economic stability and contributing to the foundation for growth.

Managing Your Personal Finances in Tough Times
This website is designed to share proven resources used and/or developed by Extension Financial Education professionals. It is designed to help people make sound financial choices in tough times. All materials are free for personal use.

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Financial Resources to Help Get Through COVID-19 This page is designed to provide resources to help individuals/families with their finances during COVID-19.


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