Farm Management

USDA Risk Management Agency
This agency regulates and supervises the federal crop insurance program. More farmers and ranchers participate in and have more at stake in the crop insurance program than any other USDA program. RMA also helps farmers and ranchers learn how to improve their risk management skills.

Extension Farmer to Farmer Hay, Forage & Corn List
Puts Wisconsin farmers in touch with one another for the purpose of buying and/or selling corn and forage. The farmer to farmer list is free of charge to both buyers and sellers. Users can list or search for high moisture corn, corn grain, corn silage, alfalfa haylage, sorghum sudangrass silage, soybean silage, or hay.
A web companion to the book Ag Help Wanted: Guidelines for Managing Agricultural Labor. This book is an educational guidebook designed to assist every person who currently manages or expects to manage human resources on farms, ranches, nurseries, dairies, and other agricultural operations.

Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research
Serves as a national leader in strategic research to improve the competitive position of the dairy industry by linking Center/University faculty, staff, students and the dairy/food industries in order to address key issues resulting in the transfer of technology and communication of information.

Organic Trade Association
OTA’s mission is to promote and protect ORGANIC with a unifying voice that serves and engages its diverse members from farm to marketplace. OTA’s vision is to grow ORGANIC to achieve excellence in agriculture and commerce, protect the environment and enhance community well-being.

USDA National Organic Program
The US Department of Agriculture website listing organic certification agents, consumer information, regulations and policy, producers, handlers and processors, and state information.

ATTRA – Sustainable Agriculture
ATTRA offers resources and tools for local food systems that secure fresh foods for their communities.

SARE–Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (USDA)
Provides grant opportunities; maintains database of research reports; develops books, bulletins and educator guides.

AFSIC–Alternative Farming Systems Information Center (USDA)
Collects, organizes, and distributes information on alternative agriculture and provides reference services from the National Agricultural Library.

Farm and Risk Management
The Farm and Risk Management (FARM) Team consists of UW-Extension agents and specialists that provide research-based farm business management information and decision-making tools to farmers and agribusinesses.

UW Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems
Brings together university faculty, farmers, policy makers and others to study relationships between farming practices, farm profitability, the environment, and rural vitality

UW Center for Dairy Profitability

UW University Center for Cooperatives



Scott Reuss | Crops & Soils Extension Educator

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