Goal Setting Awards

 (Record Book Awards)goal setting front cover

A great way to ensure success in a project is to set a goal.  Check out our 4-H Goal-setting Guide for tips on how to get started.  And when you are ready, the Mini-Goal Setting Booklet will keep you on track.  Or maybe you would like to keep track of your goals in the traditional Record Book format?

Youth receive recognition for the goal-setting that they do in projects each year.

These are available for all 4-H Members, 3rd and above – may apply in up to THREE projects

To earn a Goal Setting Pin, the 4-H’er submits a record (for each project) to their club leader.  The record includes at a minimum the following:

  • Project goal
  • Steps to reach goal
  • Reflection on goal

Here are some ways that 4-H’ers may consider tracking their goal-setting efforts:

These are due to the Extension Office in early  September.  Your Club Adviser may set an earlier date for them to be due, so they have time to review them before submitting their requests to the UW-Extension Office.

If you have any questions, or for more information, please contact the UW-Extension Office at 920-834-6845.


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