Farmland Rental Workshops Provided 

If you own or rent farm land in Wisconsin, how much do you understand about the process of renting that land?  Do you need a contract?  What should be in the contract?  How much is the land really worth?  These and other questions that surround the process of renting farm land are the focus of […]

Grain Marketing, Key Management Decisions Focus of Dec. 6 Workshop 

Farms make difficult, financially important decisions every day.  At this time of the year, some of the most important ones are marketing grain, considering end-of-year tax management, land rent bids, and planning for 2024 crop expenses.  All of these critical decisions will be discussed at a free workshop being held on Wednesday, December 6 at […]

Planning AHEAD

Planning AHEAD is a virtual 7-session course (one hour each) that guides participants through 7 topics. This course features a free workbook to help people with the tasks and decisions associated with end-of-life. You can register here or by calling 920-834-6845.

Strong Bodies

Exercise and movement for your care recipient and yourself has many health benefits – physically, emotionally, and mentally.  A progressive strength training program offered in Oconto County is Strong Bodies. Strong Bodies is a community-based strength training program aimed at mid-life and aging individuals. The benefits of strength training for older individuals have been studied […]

Falls Free Wisconsin

Aging adults commonly fear falling. Limit risk of injury through exercise and home safety strategies. Are you able to find all the hazards from Falls Free Wisconsin Safety Challenge??

Supporting Employed Caregivers

Sixty one percent of family caregivers work. Businesses are being affected by the caregiving responsibilities of their employees, so it is crucial to support them as they fulfill this role. Ways to support employed caregivers include having overall positive working relationships, work from home capabilities, and resources from Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). If you are […]

Benefits of Caregiving

Providing care to others is an experience that has positive benefits. Focusing on positive aspects and experiences, may offer hope and reduce stress in times of anxiety or burnout.  Debbie Howard says, “it’s a chance for personal transformation…” View the full video here. 

November is National Caregivers Month! 

“I like to say that there are only four kinds of people in the world – those who have been caregivers, those who are currently caregivers, those who will be caregivers, and those who will need caregivers.” -Rosalyn Carter

Flu and Older Adults

The flu (influenza) affects millions of people every year. The flu is contagious, which means it spreads from person to person. You can get the flu at any time of year, but it’s most common in the fall and winter. It takes at least two weeks for your flu vaccine to start working, so try […]

Badger Crop Connect 2023

Badger Crop Connect 2023The UW-Madison Division of Extension’s Ag Institute and the UW-Madison Nutrient and Pest Management Program will be hosting the fourth annual Badger Crop Connect webinar series for the 2023 growing season. The purpose of this series is to provide agronomists, crop consultants, and farmers with timely crop updates for Wisconsin. These free […]

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