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February 21st, 2019



Florence, Marinette and Oconto Counties

You have two options to become certified or re-certified as a private pesticide applicator. The first is to attend
one of the private pesticide applicator training programs conducted by UW-Extension and then satisfactorily
complete the evaluation at the end of that session. The second is to study the materials on your own and arrange to take the test in either Marinette or Florence. Either method has a $40 fee which covers the five years of the license period.
A minimum score of 50 percent must be achieved on the evaluation administered at the end of the training.
Those choosing the test only option must score 70 percent. The test is open book and you are allowed 2
hours, with retakes (if necessary) at no extra cost.
There are three training & test sessions which will be held in our immediate area this season:

  • Wednesday, December 19 Pound Town Hall (east edge of Coleman on Hwy. B)
  • Wednesday, January 16 Pound Town Hall (east edge of Coleman on Hwy. B)
  • Thursday, February 21 Lena Town Hall (corner of Goatsville & Jagiello), please note there is a
    small chance this date will change.

Training sessions will begin at 10 am. Most participants are done around 3 p.m. You are welcome to come early
and discuss any type of crop management issue with Scott as he gets the room and materials ready for the
training, he is usually there by 9:30 am at the latest.
–Is the Private Applicator Training the right category for me??
If you answer yes to any of the questions below, you should become certified in the correct Commercial
Pesticide Applicator category call Scott Reuss at the Marinette office, 715-732-7510 to find out the logistics of
that process:
– Do you custom spray on more than 500 acres OR for more than 3 other producers?
– Do you custom bale and apply propionic acid on more than 500 baled acres?
– Do you apply restricted-use pesticides to ANY of your own non cropland acreage?
To sign up for one of the sessions or to have the materials sent to you for self-study (Write in self-study somewhere below.) purposes, return the form below with your check for $40. If you have questions not
answered here regarding the training or the difference between private and commercial applicator certification,
contact Scott Reuss, Marinette County Agricultural Agent, 715-732-7510 or toll-free at 1-877-884-4480.

Mailing Address_________________________________________________________________________
City_______________________________________________________________ Zip____________

Please circle the date of the program you are planning on attending and then send your registration and check,
or stop by the Marinette County UW-Extension office and pick up your materials in person. Make checks
payable to UW-Extension ($40 per person).

Pound Town Hall 
Wednesday, December 19

Pound Town Hall
Wednesday, January 16

Lena Town Hall
Thursday, February 21

Send check & registration to:
Marinette County UW-Extension
1926 Hall Avenue
Marinette, WI 54143

Event Location

Lena Town Hall (corner of Goatsville & Jagiello)

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