January Thaw

January Thaw (see challenges below)

January Thaw is an all-day event where members register in advance for up to five different project sessions. Each session is 55 minutes long with a five minute break in between. Members bring in their completed challenge (received at 4-H Fall Kick-Off) for that project area, are given feedback from members and the Project Leader and receive their next challenge in that project. This challenge may be a next step in the project or a brand new activity. Members then bring this challenge to our final project event, “Spring Fling”.

January Thaw is a free event for all 4-H members and their families and also includes a Community Service project in which everyone is invited to participate, a Clover Buddy Camp that runs the whole day just for Cloverbuds, Team Building Activities, supervised gym activities for members that may have open sessions during the day, and lunch (for a small fee) that is hosted by a 4-H club who gets to keep the profits.

January Thaw Challenges:

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