Fall Kick-Off

4-H Fall Kick-off (see challenges below)

Held each year in the gymnasium of St. Anne’s Church in Lena on the first Saturday in November, this event is the perfect opportunity for our members to discover what 4-H has to offer them. Tables are set up to represent up 30 different projects as well as some of our other 4-H programs like Summer Camp, Teen Court and Travel Experiences. Project Leaders are available to answer any questions our members or parents may have and to hand out their project “challenge”.

The challenge is an opportunity for our members to get involved in that project immediately. They complete the challenge and bring it along to the next project event called “January Thaw”. Challenges can range from baking cookies from a specific recipe, researching a particular element of the project or gathering project supplies that will be used at the next event. All the challenge instructions, resources and Project Leader contact information are on the challenge card.

While showing at the fair is not a focus of these events, many of the project areas do result in projects that are ready to exhibit. With this in mind the challenge cards also include information on how to sign up the project as a fair exhibit.

Challenges for January Thaw:

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