What is a Project Challenge?

Our project challenges are skill building opportunities for our members. They help members connect with project leaders, receive feedback in a project challenge area from project leaders and peers and complete or nearly complete a project they can exhibit at the county fair if they choose. Each challenge is completed by the member and brought to the next project event, either January Thaw or Spring Fling.

The first challenge is handed out at 4-H Fall Kick-Off held in November, and is brought to January Thaw. At January Thaw members receive their final challenge which they bring to Spring Fling. Some examples of a challenge might be: experimenting with a chocolate chip cookie recipe and bringing in the finished product; researching a particular disease that may affect goats; gathering supplies to make a simple skirt the day of the event or learning different yoga poses. Each challenge is meant to get the member involved in the project and to give them some responsibility in the learning process.

Members that complete both project challenges are awarded project pins at our annual Achievement Banquet. If members are unable to attend both challenge events they may still participate by completing both challenges and contacting the project leader listed on the challenge card. Once the project leader approves the challenge it will count towards a pin.

For more information on these events, click on the following links:

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