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Sheep and goat producers: Access the latest research to enhance your operation during the Small Ruminant Webinar Series

The Small Ruminant Webinar Series provides research-driven solutions to popular sheep production issues. It also connects sheep and goat producers to useful tools, techniques, and tricks of the trade & tips from the field.

Learn from experts and other small producers like you and attend these monthly webinars set to take place this winter. Webinars take place via Zoom at 7:30 PM CST


January 24, 2024, Abortion and Respiratory Disease in Sheep and Goats, Presented by Maggie Highland, DVM, PhD, DACVP

This informational session will focus on two disease entities negatively impacting domestic sheep and goats: pneumonia and abortion.

Infectious agents that cause or contribute to respiratory disease in sheep and goats will be covered, as well as the non-infectious components that contribute to disease, including host and environmental factors.

Infectious and non-infectious causes of abortions will be covered, including details on the source and transmission of infectious agents and control measures. In addition, instructions will be provided on how to perform a gross necropsy and collect samples from aborted fetuses for diagnostic workup. This will cover details on submitting samples for testing and which test is performed on each sample.

February 21, 2024, Lamb and Kid Care – the first 72 hours, Presented by Roselle Busch, DVM

Up to 50% of all pre-weaning lamb and kid deaths occur in the first 24 hours after birth. This webinar will cover the common presentations for sick kids and lambs within the first few days of life. We will discuss practical methods for triage to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.

March 27, 2024, National Sheep Improvement Plan, Presented by Rusty Burgett – NSIP

Use the National Sheep Improvement Plan to improve benchmark goals with genetics.

April 24, 2024, Feeding your Flock’s Genetic Potential with Proper Nutritional Management Presented by Dr. Andrew Weaver

This webinar will cover the basics of nutritional supply and demand. Examples will be provided to walk you through the process of determining if you are meeting the nutritional demands of your flock and potential corrective actions if you are not. Grazing practices will also be discussed to lower input costs while meeting animal nutritional needs.

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These webinars are hosted by Carolyn Ihde, Small Ruminant Outreach Specialist UW-Madison Division of Extension and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

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