Wisconsin Celebrates Pollinator Week June 19-25

Wisconsin Celebrates Pollinators

Join in to help pollinators in Wisconsin! Get your calendar and mark down UW-Madison Extension Horticulture Program’s Wisconsin Celebrates Pollinator Week from June 19-25, 2023 and visit the Wisconsin Celebrate Pollinator Week website: https://bit.ly/41nwp6M

Wisconsin Celebrates Pollinator Week, is dedicated to raising awareness, increasing knowledge and promoting adoption of pollinator friendly practices to improve pollinator health and habitats throughout Wisconsin. National Pollinator Week is an annual event managed by the Pollinator Partnership to help spread the word about what we can do to protect pollinators.

Pollinators in Wisconsin and around the world are facing population declines due to a number of factors. You can get involved in pollinator conservation in many ways! Starting in May and continuing in June, learn more about pollinators with our free online learning programs. Find pollinators and habitat in your area with a scavenger hunt that you can download and print or use the iNaturalist app. Join in local activities and use the resources on the website to help pollinators in your own yard and community. By creating pollinator friendly habitats, reducing or eliminating environmental contamination from pesticides, and spreading the word about pollinators with your communities, we can all contribute to pollinator conservation.

Join us, UW-Madison Extension Horticulture Program, in celebrating Pollinators!  Visit the official Wisconsin Celebrates Pollinator Week website: 


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