Plant Pest Clinic Offered in Oconto Extension Office

All managed plants are affected by pests, whether a vegetable garden, fruit orchard, corn field, or landscape beds.  Properly managing those pests usually requires knowing what insect, disease, or animal is actually afflicting your plants.  The Oconto County office of UW-Madison, Division of Extension, is providing in-person opportunities to help you get plant management advice, including plant pest diagnosis.

Scott Reuss, Agriculture & Horticulture Agent, will be available at the Oconto County office, Third Floor of Building A of the Oconto County Courthouse Complex, on the first Friday of each month throughout the spring and summer.  Reuss will generally be available from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. for these clinics.  However, you may want to call the office, 920-834-6845, to verify that his schedule didn’t change, or check the office webpage at:

He can help you identify insect or disease problems on your plants, weed species, or assist with any type of horticultural or agricultural issue.  Bringing along actual samples of the problems you are fighting is recommended, or photos/images.  Another opportunity to ask horticulture questions is by taking part in the monthly horticulture show on WOCO Let’s Talk program, from 8:05 to 9 a.m., also on the first Friday of each month.

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