Area Alfalfa Fields Ready for Harvest

The Oconto and Marinette County Alfalfa Quality Monitoring Project collected data from 16 fields in the two counties Monday, May 25.  Alfalfa maturity and growth have progressed to the point such that dairy farms in most of the two county area are able to begin harvesting either right away or by the end of the week, depending on their location.

Nearly all Oconto County fields sampled were at approximately 180 RFV (Relative Forage Value) points in the field, as measured by the Predictive Estimated Alfalfa Quality (PEAQ) method.  This would indicate that after accounting for quality losses during harvest, these fields are at the correct harvest stage to balance getting high yield while still harvesting dairy quality forage.

Marinette County fields which were walked are just slightly less mature and/or tall, with standing quality being approximately 200 for most of those 7 fields.  Dairy farms wanting high quality forage will start right away on these fields, as well.  Those farms which want dairy quality, but need better yield will wait between 3 days and a week to start.

The scheduled Friday, May 28th data collection will occur, but will have significantly fewer fields surveyed and will be more northern-oriented.

Any farms with questions about the data can contact Scott Reuss, Agriculture Agent, at 715-701-0966.

Site Max Ht. RFV
Wausaukee 23 203
Middle Inlet 24 202
Crivitz West 26 198
Beaver West 24 197
Porterfield 23 202
Beaver East 27 193
County Line 29 185
Lena North 29 178
Lena New Sdg 28 178
Lena 30 182
Gillett North 28 178
Stiles Jct. 28 196
Gillett 29 170
Oconto Falls NS 28 182
Chase Established 30 178
Chase NS ’20 29 180


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