Farm Ready Research

Farm Ready Research is Extension’s agriculture winter webinar meeting series for farmers and ag professionals. Join the webinars to learn the most up-to-date information on topics from dairy and livestock production to farm management resources. Sessions began December 2020 and run through April 2021. See a full list of topics and register at

Farm stress has taken a toll on many farm families, communities, and businesses in the last few years. Upcoming University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension webinars will focus on resources and tools to support resiliency.“Farm stress doesn’t just affect one person, but rather the farm, families, and the agricultural communities as a whole,” said Alana Voss, Extension Juneau and Sauk Counties agriculture educator. “Taking time to learn how to support these important people and pieces in our agricultural communities, through education and resources can help the communities overcome these stressors and begin to thrive again.”

Remaining April topics include:

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 21, 2021, 7:30 – 9PM
Small Ruminants: Designing Your Sheep and Goat Grazing System

Pasture and grazing is the cheapest way to feed our sheep and goats. This session will focus on setting up a grazing system for your livestock, estimating carrying capacity, planning on paddock sizes, fencing options and watering system.

FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 2021, 11AM – 12PM
Farm Management Fridays: FARMing for Health

Evidence-based research suggests that small time investments spent planning and setting goals dramatically reduce stress by giving producers a stronger sense of control in times of uncertainty. The FARM tool helps producers focus their actions and resources in ways that provide a maximum ROI. Too often, we deal with stress by simply “working harder.” This often leads to other outcomes that impact our health, relationships and safety. Tools and techniques that support focused planning with other team members along with simple powerful ways to practice gratitude and “being present” helps producers and family members insure that their most precious resources are FARMED effectively. In this webinar Extension Specialist, John Shutske and Vernon County Extension Educator Ashley Olson will discuss FARMing tools for healthy farm businesses.

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