Early Fall Means Local Foods Readily Available

Vegetable harvest is still in high gear, tree fruits are maturing, and livestock based products are also coming into season.  Fall means food, and there are many farms in our area which focus on producing food products and selling directly to consumers.  Whether you want to find a perfect head of cauliflower, a peck of apples for school lunches, or fresh farm eggs for baking, our area’s farms are ready to meet your needs.

One easy location to find information on 31 farms in Marinette, Oconto, and Florence Counties that have food products available for sale is to look them up in the “Guide to Home Grown Produce”.  The guide is a free publication published by the Marinette office of UW-Madison, Division of Extension.  It can be found online at: https://marinette.extension.wisc.edu/files/2020/05/Produce-Growers-Guide-2020-May-update.pdf or just search for Marinette Extension and look under the agriculture tab and click on Local Produce Guide

The farms listed in the guide truly do have food products from A to Z.  Right now, A certainly stands for apples.  B probably means beef right now to most people, and there are ten farms listed that sell beef directly to consumers.  C means carrots which, along with many other root vegetables, are finishing their growth and ready for harvest.  On the other end, S stands for squashes, and T equals tomatoes, while Z can still mean zucchini, which are still readily available.

Some of the other food products listed in the guide include pork, chicken, eggs, winter squash, pears, raspberries, jams, pickled vegetables, lamb, and many more – including one on-farm bakery.  The guide is available free on the web, but if you need a printed copy sent to you, you are able to request one by contacting Amy Brehmer, at 920-834-6845, by e-mailing her at amy.brehmer@co.oconto.wi.us, or by stopping in at the Extension office, located on the third floor of building A at the Oconto County Courthouse.

If you have any questions about local food production, home horticulture issues, or any other agricultural question, you can also contact Reuss either by phone or by e-mail.

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