Have you lost your job? Are you going through financial changes….

The University of Wisconsin of Wisconsin Human Development & Relationships educators have collaborated and created a quick reference guide: TOOLS TO COPE WITH THE FINANCIAL IMPACT OF COVID-19 in English and Spanish.  The guide connects you with quick resources to the following questions: If You…

  • Are about to lose your job or have already lost your job?
  • Know that you will not have enough money to pay a bill this month?
  • Need Health coverage or food assistance?
  • Have monthly expenses that exceed your cash inflows?
  • Are struggling with stress caused by the pandemic and other current situations?
  • Have other concerns not covered above?

Tools to Help

Did you lose your job and need health Insurance?

Additional resources can always be found at https://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/covid19/.

Reach out if you have any questions, to Jill Cholewa, your local Human Development & Relationships Educator by phone: 920-834-6848 or email: jill.cholewa@wisc.edu.

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