Perennial Plants and Excess Water Local Webinar Opportunity

It’s finally spring and our landscape plants are getting growing.  However, after two very wet growing seasons, many perennial plants in the region are facing various types of stress related to high water tables or excess humidity and rainfall.  The Marinette County Consolidated Library System and UW-Madison, Division of Extension are collaborating to bring area residents the opportunity to learn more about what these plants are facing and how we can help them.

This live webinar event will be held on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 2 P.M.  Scott Reuss, Extension  Horticulture Agent, will lead the discussion and showcase the problems which plants are facing and how they may show that they are stressed.  Many plants may not show symptoms this year, even though they are actually experiencing major stress.  After reviewing the problems and the plant symptoms, the discussion will switch to the types of management practices we can do which my help our plants overcome these stressors.

To join in this opportunity, register on the Stephenson Public Library’s Facebook page or send an e-mail to Mariel Carter at Participants will be sent a link to attend the free webinars. For more information about the Marinette County Public Libraries, curbside pick-up, virtual programs, and digital resources, please visit our website: www.marinettecountylibraries.orgIf you have any other horticultural questions, you can contact Reuss by phone at 715-732-7510 or e-mail to


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