4-H Member Re-Enrollment Now Open!

As of September 6th, members may go to www.4honline.com and re-enroll in the  4-H program for 2019-2020. All 4-H members, youth and adult, must re-enroll on 4-H Online each year in order to participate in 4-H club, county, state, national and international activities. Even if you just became a member in August, you must go back and re-enroll for the new year.

It’s easy. Just login to www.4honoline.com and click on the “Continue to Family” button. Choose the family member you want to re-enroll, verify their information and click “Submit Member” at the bottom of the screen. If you have any questions or need any help with the re-enrollment process, feel free to contact the Extension office at (920) 834-6845 or 4h@co.oconto.wi.us.


  • Regular members must be in third grade or older.
  • Cloverbuds (children in 5K through 2nd grade) should be listed in your club enrollment. Cloverbuds can participate in club activities. They can exhibit at the County Fair, only in the Cloverbud category, and do not receive premiums.
  • New members can join at any time, but must enroll by April 30th to enter in the Fair.
  • April 30th is also the deadline to add or drop projects.
  • You must be enrolled in a project in order to exhibit at the Fair in that project.

You can also go to the following link for helpful tips on enrolling as a new family, re-enrolling, and club/project leader guides. Click here. https://4h.extension.wisc.edu/4honline-for-families/

Please do not re-enroll before September 6th!

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