Plan Commissioner Training Registration

Registration is now open for new Plan Commissioners in Towns, Villages and Cities. Trainings are held in local municipal buildings or by agreed upon locations. Face to face and one on one trainings are being scheduled. Just simply contact our office to make the time. One hour to 3 hour sessions can be arranged based upon your specific needs. You will receive a copy of the Plan Commissioners Handbook as a gift.

With recent elections in April, communities may be appointing new members to their Plan Commissions. This is an opportunity to provide training that will be beneficial to them as well as being a refresher to “seasoned” Plan Commissioners.

There are 28 municipalities within Oconto County. We will meet all requests on a ‘first come basis’.

Learn about the importance of setting aside time needed to review a petition

Your community may have a schedule which gives it time to respond to a petitioner’s request. Usually this involves a calendar detailing the dates the Plan Commission will meet and the last date for posting all agenda items. The value of this schedule is twofold (1) the petitioner knows how and when to get their request to the Plan Commission in a timely fashion (2) the Plan Commissioners are afforded the proper amount of time in order to review, deliberate and decide on a recommendation regarding the petition. If your community does not have a schedule such as this, we can help. If you are needing assistance in evaluating your schedule, we can help here as well.

Learn how to conduct a Plan Commission meeting/public hearing on a petition

If you are a newly appointed Chair of the Plan Commission or are new to the process, here is where we can help you understand the importance of procedure in order to conduct a public hearing.

Learn about the value of an Agenda and a properly posted Meeting Notice

All public business shall be conducted in the public realm. This means all public business shall be publicly witnessed and therefore let the public know when and where officials are holding a meeting—along with what they will be discussing. This falls under the Open Meeting Laws of Wisconsin. Maybe this is new to you or you want to ensure your Plan Commission is meeting these requirements. We can help you. Additionally, an agenda is important for keeping meetings on track and orderly. We will work with you to format an agenda which will meet your needs.

Dissecting Your Community Plan

How do you use your comprehensive plan in day to day decision making? A Tool will be presented for your consideration – designed to quickly re-address what it is your community agreed to in the first place. Here is an opportunity for you to see how a past Land Use Planner would go about reviewing a Comprehensive Plan (with all its Visioning, Action words, Desires) so that you are prepared for the public hearing. See what’s deemed important, how you could document your thoughts, and the order things are reviewed.

Opportunity to Ask Questions

Here is an “informal” opportunity for you to ask the questions you always wanted to  – but were too guarded to ask before.


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